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Are you looking for an incredible outreach for your next retreat or conference, to fellowship with others and feed your heart and soul with the Word of God?

At one point in life, Lisa felt something was missing, until her neighbor invited her to a women’s Bible Study. What Lisa found was missing in her life was Jesus. It became apparent to Lisa that she was not alone, and there were others from teens to adults who were searching too. Participating in this one Bible Study became the launching pad to Lisa’s Fahey’s Ministry.

Lisa draws on a wealth of real-life stories and moments with God that will inspire, uplift and encourage audiences big or small to pursue a deeper relationship with God. Lisa’s Ministries are not limited to only women. Lisa has spoken to a variety of groups from Confirmation Retreats; Young Life; Women’s Gatherings and Retreats; Girl’s Camp; Young Adult Retreats; and Adult Parish Training.

Lisa’s Speaking Topics

Hungry For…

In this talk Lisa shares about what it means when you are restless and in search of something to fill the restlessness with. Lisa uses Roman’s 12:2 as the Scripture verse to set you back on track to a more purposeful life.

You Are Loved

In this talk, Lisa uses Scriptures to teach about Love. Love of the Father; Love for yourself; and how to live like you are loved to others.

Rise Up, Women of God

Lisa teaches that the only way to fulfill your destiny and desires is to focus on Him. Lisa uses 1John and 2John to teach you how to live an authentic life and how to avoid the landmines the secular world has to offer.


Are you searching for meaning in life? Life can be challenging. In this talk Lisa uses Ecclesiastes as a guide to how one can live life to the fullest no matter what comes your way. To have a fulfilling life is to live simply. Don’t worry you won’t have to give up your conveniences!!!

Becoming New

One day Lisa thought to herself “Lord you will be receiving a worn-out woman. The Lord prompted her heart with, No the more you come to me, the more I am making you NEW. In this talk, Lisa breaks open Ephesians and talks about how you can become new as the bride of Christ.

You Are So Much More

If you are who you should be you will set the world on fire, St. Catherine of Sienna. Lisa uses the Scriptures from Esther and Ruth to aspire to live more boldly and courageously as a woman of God.

Lisa can write and share any specific talk based on your theme and needs for your event.
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