In our daily lives, we face distractions and chaos. As a result, we are pulled in a variety of directions, making it difficult to spend quality time with our families and friends. Society is tired and longing for happiness, but what if all it took to obtain happiness was to live simply? God’s Word instructs us on how to go on our quest for life’s meaning.


Author Lisa Fahey invites women to join her in an updated study of Ecclesiastes, the wisdom book from which we can learn that the key to living life to the fullest is to live it simply. The Simply study takes you through the book of Ecclesiastes and its twelve timeless treasures. These thought-provoking treasures will help you fill the emptiness in your life with God’s insights and wisdom with encouraging words and guidance.


If you’re restless, overworked, or feeling like your life is spinning out of control, Ecclesiastes can help you discover purpose and inspiration. Life is difficult and messy, but Ecclesiastes will show you that the treasure of living life to the fullest is found in living simply.

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Wanting more insight to the Simply study? The Table Talk discussions have been filmed with some amazing women whom I do Bible study with. These discussions are meant to guide you to deeper discussions and practical ways to simplify your life and be more intentional in your daily decisions and activities.

You can purchase the video sessions for ‘Simply Table Talks,’ by clicking the Table Talk Videos button.

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