Rise Up, Women of God


We as women strive to satisfy the endless list of qualities and capabilities that we think will make us feel loved and happy. We have lost sight of who God has created us to be. We are called to live out our purpose in life with boldness and courage.

One day as I was sitting in church, I began to look around at the diverse group of women seated around me; the following questions raced about in my mind:

  • Do the women know that God is deeply in love with them?
  • That God is pursuing and longing to have a relationship with them?
  • Do they want more? Do they know God has a specific purpose just for them?

1 and 2 John are the ideal Epistles to guide us through these life’s questions and confusing times.

God’s love for you is greater than you could imagine. When one pours out the abundance of God’s love upon others, you will be well on your way to a life full of purpose and meaning.

Our world needs women to rise up and be the women God has designed and called them to be.

Wanting more insight to the ‘Rise Up, Women of God’ study? These video sessions will help you delve further into the study as I share my life experiences and pieces of scripture to help women realize what it truly means to rise up as a woman of God.

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