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Chapter Three – Let God Do His Work

March 18, 2019

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Transformation is an act, process, or instance of transforming or being transformed. The definition of instance is a step, stage, or situation viewed as part of a process or series of events. If you ask me there is nothing hurried about a process or a series of events. Especially when it comes to time and transformation.

God is the creator and author of time. He was in the beginning. He is in the present time and is on the other side in the future. Have you ever thought about time in this way? God is a God of order and knows the perfect timing for His plans in your life.

Psalm 5:3 “Listen to my voice in the morning, Lord. Each morning I bring my requests to you and wait expectantly.”

Here are some reasons why waiting is good for us:

  1. When we have to wait, we become dependent on God. When we recognize God as the creator, our response should be dependence on Him. When we recognize all we have and all we are is because of Him, we begin to realize we can’t do  anything without Him.
  2. In waiting, we grow in patience and believe God knows just the right time to reveal His plans to us. The challenge is to trust in His timing. Waiting can be hard, however it is in the waiting we are being transformed and equipped to handle His perfect plan.
  3. As we patiently look to God for what we need, our faith grows. True faith includes being patient and remembering that God has our best interest at heart.
  4. By waiting we are strengthened spiritually. Christian maturity happens when we can wait with a peaceful confidence. We’ll know exactly what to do when we trust in His timing. God prepares us in the waiting to be spiritually, emotionally and physically ready. 
  5. When we wait and endure long, difficult moments to get to where we need to be, we will value and appreciate all the growth following the struggle in the waiting.

God is not in a rush and His timing is perfect; never early and never late. God wants to use our whole life to prepare us for eternity and greatness. He knows what is best for us and will place us at the right place at the right time. 

It’s only a matter of time, so hold on to Gods promises for your life.


PS Extra Scripture to read: Isaiah 40:31 and Isaiah 64:4, Psalms 32:8, Jeremiah 29:11

This week I have chosen Psalm 27 to pray throughout the week.

Chapter Three – Let God Do His Work


1. When did you have a time where your patience with God was tested and why?

2. Looking back, how did this testing period strengthen your faith in God and how is that increase of faith impacting your life today?

3. What is one way you can let go and allow God to do His work in you that you haven’t done in the past?

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