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    “Yes, beloved, times may become complicated, and voices from the secular world may want you to step off the track to holiness. Don’t do it. You can persevere in this race to holiness. Keep your eyes on Him and finish your race to receive His prize.” – Lisa Fahey in Rise Up, Women of God #Women #Catholic #Christian #God #Bible #Scripture #Love

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    The Truth

    Rise Up, Women of God – “I remember a line from the movie A Few Good Men. When actor Jack Nicholson is on trial, the lawyer asks for the truth. In response, Jack Nicholson says, “You can’t handle the truth.” The truth isn’t what’s hard; it’s not knowing the truth that makes it difficult to stand firm. If you don’t stand for something, you’ll settle for anything. Ladies, let’s begin today’s lesson with a prayer and dig deeper into what God desires us to know so we too will stay on the path of truth, especially in these times of gray.” – Lisa Fahey Truth is so important and it…

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    A Progressive Faith

    A Progressive Type of Faith – From Rise Up, Women of God, Scripture Study 1 John & 2 John, by Lisa Fahey. “John knew a particular group of people trying to offer a shiny object, to his brothers and sisters in Christ. When one looks at the meaning of progressive, it is easy to see that to derail people, it happens little by little. So perhaps we could agree that being progressive for the good or wrong happens gradually. I remember hearing an analogy on mediocrity. Pretend there is a live frog in a kettle of lukewarm water sitting on a burner. As the temperature of the water gradually heats…

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    My Life’s Anthem

    I am a wife, mother, sister, daughter, and a lover of God. I encourage others to be all they can be. To be an overcomer, not stop, quit or fall to defeat. Love with all my heart when it is easy or not. Living this life for the Glory of God. To live simply, humbly, and cherish every moment that I have been given. To seek God in all things daily. By becoming more aware of His Presence. Searching God out with all my heart by forgiving others as God has forgiven me. To be prayerful for thy enemies. To be the best wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend. To…