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    Gluten Free – Now What? (A Journey Back to Health)

    After my doctor’s appointment, my mind was made up to go all in on becoming gluten free. The first thing I did was to go through my pantry and cupboards to find out what contained gluten. In the evenings, I would research how to read labels and what food items to stay away from. I must be honest I was overwhelmed, for gluten was in a lot of things and sometimes were hidden in things such as the Carmel coloring in food items. Once I told my family the plan to go gluten free they were happy for me, but not excited about joining me. I assured them they didn’t…

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    A Household of Three – A Journey Back to Good Health

    When I was in my late twenties, a year following the birth of our second daughter, I was struggling with energy and constant tiredness. Now I realize this is typical for moms to be tired after chasing two little ones around, but the tiredness I felt was very different. I had read some articles in women’s magazine regarding an underactive thyroid, and thought it was worth asking the doctor if my thyroid was working properly. I was thankful the doctor thought it was worth checking into and did a standard blood test. The results came back that my thyroid was okay. However, I had always wondered if I should have…

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    Have you ever invested in someone or something only to have them brush you away as if you were disposable? You poured your heart and soul out only to be dropped as if you never mattered. NEXT! Disposable is defined as, “intended to be used once, or until no longer useful, and then thrown away. Why are we such a disposable society when it comes to people? Maybe the bigger question is why are we a disposable church? Often times, people in ministry or church, are disposed of in the name of the Lord, or it’s movement. “Oh well, we must trust in God and His plan.” I am here…

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    Hiding Out

    Ever since I was a little girl, I have been shy. I remember one time my mom had taken me to a photographer for a kindergarten picture. I froze in fear and could not smile. When I was a first grade student at recess time you would find me hiding next to the school building. Today, as God calls me to come out of my insecurity, I often feel like the little girl hiding behind the school building. I recently attended a silent retreat. I entered the retreat with no expectations and was excited to have some quiet time to pray. The leaders of the retreat gave us some various…

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    Hey Mister, Have You Seen This Little Girl’s Hands?

    A little girl went to school each day. When she came home from the day. She would sit with her mama and discuss what may. Hey Mister, have you seen this little girl’s hands? Mama had called it a tea time event. The little girl had not known any different. Her mama listened to the little girl talk on how her day went. At times there were tears and other times laughter of the day to day events. Hey Mister, have you seen this little girl’s hands? There were days the little girl had been picked on. And other days she played with someone’s daughter or son. Her mama encouraged…

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    Advent Reflection – Week Three

    The Still Small Voice 1 King 19:11-12 And he said, “Go forth, and stand upon the mount before the Lord. And, behold, the Lord passed by, and a great and strong wind rents the mountains, and brake in pieces the rocks before the Lord, but the Lord was not in the wind: and after the wind an earthquake; but the Lord was not in the earthquake: And after the earthquake a fire; but the Lord was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice.” Advent is a preparative season. A season of looking forward and waiting for something greater. What is the something greater? The annual…

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    Advent Reflection – Week Two

    Reflection this week is Luke 1:39-56. The Visitation In the Gospel of Luke, we will find Mary goes to visit her cousin Elizabeth. There is a beauty of looking at the connection of Mary and the Ark of the Covenant. What could this connection be one may ask? The Ark of the Covenant in the Old Testament (2 Samuel), is bridged to the New Ark of the Covenant found in (Luke 1:39-56). The Old Testament Ark of the Covenant contained manna which was rained down from heaven, the staff of Aaron, and the Ten Commandments. The New Covenant contained the word of God made flesh, the real Heavenly High Priest,…

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    Advent Reflection – Week One

    This week we will be praying and pondering over Angel Gabriel who came to Mary with a message from God. Read Luke 1:26-38. Out of the four Gospels, the Gospel of Luke is the only one which describes The Annunciation of Mary in detail. In Luke’s reading one can see Mary’s faithfulness to God’s call for her life. In the Gospel of Luke, the angel Gabriel exclaims to Mary, “Hail, full of grace, The Lord is with you!” (Luke 1:26-28). For a Jewish lady of Mary’s time to hear, ‘The Lord is with you!’ would signify she is called to assume an urgent part in God’s arrangement of salvation. In…

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    “Yes, beloved, times may become complicated, and voices from the secular world may want you to step off the track to holiness. Don’t do it. You can persevere in this race to holiness. Keep your eyes on Him and finish your race to receive His prize.” – Lisa Fahey in Rise Up, Women of God #Women #Catholic #Christian #God #Bible #Scripture #Love

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    The Truth

    Rise Up, Women of God – “I remember a line from the movie A Few Good Men. When actor Jack Nicholson is on trial, the lawyer asks for the truth. In response, Jack Nicholson says, “You can’t handle the truth.” The truth isn’t what’s hard; it’s not knowing the truth that makes it difficult to stand firm. If you don’t stand for something, you’ll settle for anything. Ladies, let’s begin today’s lesson with a prayer and dig deeper into what God desires us to know so we too will stay on the path of truth, especially in these times of gray.” – Lisa Fahey Truth is so important and it…