Does God Really Hear Me?

I have wondered that myself a time or two. Okay maybe more than two!

We live in a negative world that is full of noise and if you find yourself struggling with your prayer life, you are not alone. A year ago I had got caught up with the distractions of life and had not recognized all God was doing in my life.

One morning I was getting ready for the day and had felt somewhat defeated, when God said to me, “Lisa, you are missing Me and all I am doing for you and your family.”

I felt sad that I hadn’t recognized God and His good works. As I thought about my time with the Lord I realized that I needed to make some changes so I could focus on Him and what He was doing.

Here is my plan of action:

1. I start off the morning with my Bible study homework and re-read the Scripture verses.

2. Then I share with the Lord what I have learned from my time in Scripture and then quiet myself for a few minutes. It was hard at first but I am able to do it longer each time. When my mind wanders, I ask God to help me to redirect my thoughts back to Him.

3. I give God my requests for the family and I and those who have asked for prayer. As I get ready for the day, I listen to Christian music.

4. In the evening I recollect about the day and remember all the ways I saw God present and give Him thanks.

5. Then I confess my sins and shortcomings and close by reading a Psalm.

I had to train myself to have the eyes of faith that God not only heard me, but He truly wants the best for me. This is good news for you as well, because the Lord loves and cares about you and wants nothing but the best for you.

Don’t miss Him! Keep your eyes open and have faith that He hears you.

Lisa Fahey is an author and speaker with over twenty years of experience working with youth, adults and women in the Church. She is the author of Rise Up Women of God, A Scripture Study on 1 John and 2 John; Simply. A Women's Study on Ecclesiastes; Simply. Advent and soon to be released Just As You Are, How Your Testimony Can Impact People In Ways You Never Thought Possible. All are meant to inspire, encourage and empower readers in their journey with God. Lisa draws on a wealth of real-life stories and moments with God to inspire and encourage others.

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