Talents – I Have None

I have found myself in the midst of a battle between do I share about my talents or not? If I share about my talents is that being boastful or proud? If I don’t share about my talents am I actually hiding my talents to deprive the Kingdom of God?

In faith we are to be humble. Which is great and which is what God has stated in Mat. 23:12, “Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.” However, the question is what does being humble look like? What does being proud look like? Once I am in this realm I get stuck, spin my wheels and do nothing. Because if I talk about myself, I think that I am bragging. If I don’t talk about myself no one knows that I have talents that could be of benefit. Am I really humble or do I live behind this wall of false humility.

I have noticed in the last six weeks something that my brothers in Christ do, and that is talk about themselves. Have you ever noticed and this is in no means an offense to my brothers in any way, but there are more of them out sharing about the Gospel of Jesus? Why is that?

I think I know the answer to why that is. I am by no means a rocket scientist, however, my answer to this is that men are not as afraid to take risk. In society and the world today, it is confusing to know how to act like a lady and where our place is in the church. Do not go off on the deep end yet thinking I am a woman’s liberator or anything. I am not. However, I think that there is a place for women in the church and that is reaching out to the other women in the pews.

The most important thing each one of could do, is to share our talents with others. Sharing about our talents is sharing our treasures given to us by God, for the Glory of God. Holding back does not aid the Church in any way. What if women were not afraid to talk about their talents when it comes to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ? What if they quit looking in on their weaknesses and instead looking up to Christ who will bring them the true security?

I think if women started to talk about themselves in spite of their weaknesses that other women would be able to put Christ first in their life. If women were on fire for Christ, others around them would find it contagious.

What would happen if the women in the pews were on fire for Christ! The kind of fire that women were passionate and couldn’t live without Christ in their daily lives! So I think this is the answer that when you are sharing your talents for the Glory of God you are not bragging. True humility is that everything you say and do points not to you but directly to Jesus Christ.

My proposal to women is this, you are not serving the Kingdom of God by holding your talents back.

Here is a Scripture verse to pray through:

Psalm 143:8-10 ”At dawn let me hear of your kindness, for in you I trust. Show me the path I should walk for to you I entrust my life. Rescue me, Lord, from my foes, for in you I hope. Teach me to do your will, for you are my God. May your kind spirit guide me on ground that is level.”

The talents and desires you have were given to you by God. Pray them through and put your trust in Him.

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Lisa Fahey is an author and speaker with over twenty years of experience working with youth, adults and women in the Church. She is the author of Rise Up Women of God, A Scripture Study on 1 John and 2 John; Simply. A Women's Study on Ecclesiastes; Simply. Advent and soon to be released Just As You Are, How Your Testimony Can Impact People In Ways You Never Thought Possible. All are meant to inspire, encourage and empower readers in their journey with God. Lisa draws on a wealth of real-life stories and moments with God to inspire and encourage others.

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