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Fingers in Your Ears

An encore to the Identity Theft with the following statement “I’m not listening, I’m not listening!”

When our children were little I was blessed to be a stay at home mom! Loved every moment of it, in fact one of the highlights were when they would come home from school and we would have tea time. Actually tea consisted of juice and snacks. The point of this tea time after school was to discover what had happened in their day at school. Boy did I learn a lot!

Whenever they would share about hurtful comments from their peers, my first reaction was to defend them and to take care of matters on my own. However, in the end did I really plan on following them around for the rest of their lives fighting their battles? It was time to equip them. Let’s be real the chances of hurtful words happening throughout their lives was 100%.

I had wondered how could I help them not to hold onto the hurtful things said, when I remembered the incident of my niece, putting her fingers in her ear, shaking her head back and forth and saying “I’m not listening, I’m not listening”. I told them they could do this same thing in their imagination when someone said something hurtful.

It brought me great joy when we would have our tea time and one of the girls would say, “Mom, I did what our cousin did in my imagination today!” It was a much better idea to empower them!

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